The Artwork of Jesse Miller



Jesse Miller was born and grew up surfing in in San Diego. He always wanted to go to Hawaii where the water was warm, and the waves were good. When he started thinking about college, he learned about Brigham Young University-Hawaii, and couldn't imagine going anywhere else. BYU-H is a small university in Laie, exactly 10 miles from Sunset Beach. The surf was everything he had imagined, and the art program was exactly what he hoped for. He started out like any beginning art student would, but persisted and practiced and by the time he graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art degree, he was winning awards in the college art shows.
 After living in Hawaii, he came back to San Diego to continue to paint. He got a job with the City of San Diego as a lifeguard and has worked the beaches in San Diego for over 15 years.  But even while life guarding, he continues to paint, and is always working on improving his skills and trying to capture the next great image. 
       Almost all his work is inspired by what goes on like 500 feet in both directions from the shoreline.  He has spent his life surfing, and that plays a big role in what he sees and wants to show others. Not just the act of riding a wave, but the whole culture surrounding it. There are millions of great surf shots published every month, so he looks for what goes on before and after surfing for inspiration. He wants to show what surfers see every day. 
    Jesse has shown his work in galleries Hawaii and California, and can often be found at art shows around San Diego.  Along with painting, he has taught watercolor classes, given demonstrations and led workshops.  Collectors have found him, and his work can now be found throughout the world.